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June 12, 2024

Virtual Town Hall 6/26 @ 7pm

Join the Richmond People's Budget for a Virtual Town Hall! From the comfort of your home, learn more how you can be have a say in the future of Richmond.

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June 3, 2024

6/5/2024 Richmond Participatory Steeing Commission Meeting

For this meeting of the steering commission we will be reviewing all the work that has happened in the Spring of 2024 and continue to plan for next steps this summer and fall.

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April 26, 2024

5/1/2024 RVPB Commission Meeting

The May 2024 RVAPB Commission Meeting

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April 9, 2024

What is Participatory Budgeting?

So, you’ve heard that the City of Richmond is starting a participatory budgeting process and you are a little curious.

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April 8, 2024

9/22/22 Steering Commission Mtg

The first meeting of the Richmond Participatory Budgeting Steering Commission took place on Thursday September 22, 2022.

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April 4, 2024

10/5/22 Steering Commission Mtg

For the second RVAPB Steering Commission Meeting our focus was to continue to work through our logistics and spend some time learning how participatory budgeting efforts started in Durham, NC.

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